What is Bowenwork? Ready for a new adventure in Bodyworx?

It can assist anyone from babies to the elderly. Bowenwork is a very gentle and non-invasive form of natural healing. Sometimes you have body aches, back pain, or an issue that is limited your normal movement. Bowenwork is based on methods developed by an informally trained Australian osteopath named Thomas Bowen. It is a complementary therapy that seeks to facilitate the body’s natural capacity to for self-regulation and healing. It is a dynamic series of moves over muscles, tendons, and nerves that resets the autonomic nervous system. It reduce muscle tension, stress, pain, and stimulates lymphatic while promoting deep relaxation.

Bowenwork Services at Bodyworx

90 Minute Bowenwork Intake Including Session/$110

60 Minute Bowenwork/$85.00

45 Minute New Client Bowenwork $45