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$65/30 Minutes  •  $85/60 minutes (Temporarily unavailable)

Reiki is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “universal life energy” in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Reiki touch therapy is used in much the same way to achieve similar effects that traditional massage therapy is used — to relieve stress and pain, and to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.

Practitioners have reported success in helping patients with acute and chronic illnesses, from asthma and arthritis to trauma and recovery from surgery. Reiki is a gentle and safe technique, and has been used successfully in some hospitals. It has been found to be very calming and reassuring for those suffering from severe or fatal conditions.

What happens in a Reiki treatment session?

Lights are dimmed, and soft music is playing in the background.   You will start by lying fully clothed on your back, with support or in a modified position as needed for your comfort.  If you are able, halfway through the session you can turn over to lay on your stomach.

Reiki practice can help in a wide range of of situations because it does not treat the symptom or condition directly; rather, Reiki practice helps restore balance so you feel better and your system can shift gears from coping to profound self-healing.

Can be incorporated into a 30-minute Reflexology treatment or booked as a 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute treatment by itself.

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