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What is Cupping?
Published on Mar 13, 2017

According to the March 2017 Issue of “DaySpa” Magazine, cupping seems to be misunderstood, but it is actually an effective alternative health service that’s been used for thousands of years.   This treatment has numerous variations and methods which date back to Ancient Egypt and Middle Eastern Times, and some of which are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Cupping is favored for its ability to relieve back and neck pain, increase blood flow and help heal overworked muscles – which is why it is commonly used amongst professional athletes today.   The technique can be used to provide clients with everything from deep tissue release to lymphatic drainage, and some even believe the therapy lowers cholesterol, alleviates migraines, and relieves arthritis pain.   Whatever it’s intended purpose, the process often transports people into a deeply relaxed state of mind, which is always a positive experience.

How does cupping work?   Across the entire  body is a fibrous tissue called fascia that lays between the skin and the muscles.  When the fascia grips onto the muscles, it can prevent them from being able to relax.  Cupping uses various types of suction to create a negative pressure which pulls up on the skin and fascia and allows the muscle underneath to release.   Fresh blood and fluids can then flow throughout the muscle fibers and between the interstitial tissues.  By drawing stagnant blood and metabolic waste close to the body’s surface, the cups stimulate fresh blood flow to restricted tissues and fascia, flushing them with oxygen and nutrients to support repair and healing.

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